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All clubs will finish at 3.50pm. If students have PE on the day of the club, they will be expected to wear full and correct PE kit to attend.

If students do not have PE on the day of the club, we ask students to bring a pair of trainers and their Co-op Academy hoodie.

Below is a reminder about the academy’s PE kit expectations.  All items can be purchased from The Uniform Shop, also known as Jo Brand, on Harehills Lane, LS9 6AP. Items can also be purchased from

  •  Black polo shirt with Academy logo
  •  Plain black tracksuit bottoms – no coloured stripes
  •  Trainers or (boots for football/rugby optional)
  •  Black hoodie with Academy logo – no other hoodies are allowed

Students will receive a 30-minute detention for reflection (DFR) if their PE kit does not match this expectation.  Please let us know via your child’s planner or telephone the academy if you are having difficulties sourcing the above items.

Cold weather
Next term we will allow students to wear a plain black woolly hat and plain black woolly gloves for outdoor PE lessons. We would like to encourage all students to wear additional layers underneath their PE kit to stay as warm as possible. All students will be active at all time outside.