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Special Education Needs

We give all of our students the support they need to succeed.

As an inclusive school, we strive to ensure all students are able to succeed. The Academy helps students master basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as developing life skills in preparation for post-16 studies.

All staff use their best endeavours to ensure students with SEND receive the support they require and engage in activities alongside pupils who do not have SEND. Our aim is to ensure high quality teaching is delivered which is well matched to students’ needs and abilities. This means we make adjustments to our lessons to embrace all students. However, if students’ needs cannot be met in this way, additional support is put in place. We use a model of deciding exactly what the student needs, planning this carefully, implementing it and then checking how they got on. We call this assess – plan – do – review. This individual support may include specialist interventions. Interventions are focused teaching programmes designed to enhance a pupil’s knowledge, understanding or skills. They can take place within a lesson or outside of the lesson. They can be for one student or for a group of students. They run for a set period when it is anticipated the student will have accelerated their learning. They can be delivered by teachers, Paraprofessionals or Intervention Tutors. They can cover any aspect of learning but are often to do with enhancing literacy and numeracy skills. The specialist interventions some students might require include an alternative curriculum pathway.

We place a high emphasis on student progress and as such, regularly monitors and reports on their academic progress and soft skills including communication, working with others, problem solving and independence. Our provision for SEND students is quality assured to maintain high standards of teaching and learning through what we call learning walks/enquiries.

The SEND team ensures all members of staff are regularly updated with the individual needs of SEND students and are aware of strategies to support them. This is shared via the additional needs registers, pupil passports and regular continual professional development

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