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LGBTQ Policy

Author: Lauren Whyte – DSL and SMHL 

Date Policy Created: March 2021  

Review date: September 2022 

Due for Review : September 2023


Co-op Academy Leeds LGBTQ+ Policy  

Approved by Governors 28/09/2022 

This document should be read in conjunction with the following school policies

● Co-op Academies Trust Code of Conduct for staff

● Co-op Academy Leeds Online safety, mobile phones and internet technologies Policy  22/23  

● Co-op Academy Leeds Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 22/23 ● Co-op Academy Leeds Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)2022/23 ● Co-op Academy Leeds Behaviour Rewards and Sanction and Anti-bullying Policy.  202223

● Co-op Academy Leeds Emotional Health and wellbeing 2022/23

The School’s LGBTQ+ Lead is Dalton Johns

The School Counsellor is: Sara Harrison  

Both report to : Lauren Whyte (DSL and SMHL)

The Academy is committed to promoting understanding and tackling prejudice as defined by  Section 149 of the Equality and Diversity Act 2010 that ensure LGBTQ+ inclusion and  advancement of equality for all students and staff, this includes protecting the  characteristics of those student and staff with sexual orientation and gender reassignment.  

Safeguarding Statement  

The Co-op Academy Leeds is committed to safeguarding every student. We acknowledge  that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and ensure all of our staff are trained to be  vigilant and aware of the signs and indicators of abuse and understand and follow safe  working practices. 

The viewpoints and voice of students is of paramount importance to our academy and we  will always listen to their wishes, thoughts and feelings, as well as identifying and supporting  their needs. We will work alongside students to develop trusting, consistent and

Co-op Academy Leeds LGBTQ+ Policy  

professional relationships and show we care by advocating the early help processes where  possible. 

We will identify any difficulties or concerns early in order to act preventatively. We will  always provide support and advice for families and parents/carers, whilst acting in the best  interests of the student at all times and doing what matters most. Safeguarding also  includes ensuring we work in an open and honest way, enabling our children to feel safe by  providing a secure learning environment, are equally protected regardless of any barriers  they may face and are able to grow and develop in the same way as their peers. 

Co-op Academy Leeds safeguards students by: 

· Maintaining a secure site and ensuring that all visitors to the academy are recorded,  monitored and clear about how to raise a safeguarding concern should one arise. · Ensuring that safer recruitment practices are followed to prevent those who pose a  risk to children gaining access to our students. 

· Filtering and monitoring all internet traffic into the academy to ensure that children  cannot be exposed to harmful material and/or communication. 

· Ensuring that all staff employed by the academy have received all necessary pre employment checks which are recorded in the single central record (SCR)  · Providing regular child protection training and briefings for all staff and volunteers,  and ensuring that all staff, volunteers and visitors know who our  

designated safeguarding officers and designated senior lead are. 

· Ensuring that admission and attendance procedures are robust to protect children,  ensure that they are safe and prevent children from going missing from education. · Empowering young people to identify risks both within the academy and in their  community; ensuring that they have the skills and confidence to help and protect  themselves and others. 

· Making sure that all children understand the importance of reporting concerns about  themselves and their peers and giving them the confidence to discuss sensitive  issues. 

· Providing pastoral and inclusion support to ensure that all children have access to  guidance and advice, and when needed referrals for additional agency support to  meet their needs. 

· Sharing information when appropriate with other agencies and services to ensure  that children and their families have support to meet their needs and prevent  students from harm or further harm. 

· Taking immediate action and contacting the appropriate agencies when we believe  that a child is in danger or is at risk of harm.  


Our LGBTQ+ Policy is about how we put in place the best conditions at Coop Academy Leeds  for students, staff, governors and parents to live fulfilling lives. We aim to be a healthy  academy with high quality services and support.  

This strategy is our blueprint for how we will achieve that. It is led by all stakeholders and it  belongs to everyone at Coop Academy Leeds.


Co-op Academy Leeds LGBTQ+ Policy  

There are government expectations that schools should support pupils to be resilient and  mentally healthy. They should provide a safe environment that fosters trust and belonging  and create a culture that supports mental health. 

In relation to children and young people, safeguarding and promoting their welfare is  defined in ‘Working together to safeguard children’ as: 

protecting children from maltreatment

preventing impairment of children’s mental health or development ensuring that children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of  safe and effective care

taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes 

Lauren Whyte


Sara Harrison

School Counsellor

Dalton Johns


Ian Parrett and Kim  Lowe

Safeguarding and  

Wellbeing Governor

Via the Academy

Policy Aims

● To develop a whole school approach for staff, students, parents and visitors. ● To make LGBTQ+ Inclusion a key feature of the culture at Co-op Academy Leeds. ● To work restoratively together with students and families. 

● To provide a holistic & multi-agency approach. 

● To uphold the LGBTQ+ Charter  

● To provide an inclusive environment in which LGBTQ+ pupils and staff are valued and  respected;  

● To promote understanding of and support the needs of LGBTQ+ pupils and staff ● To promote LGBTQ+ awareness and issues through the provision of an inclusive  curriculum;  

● To monitor and tackle homophobic, bi-phobic or transphobic (HBT) bullying and  language.


Co-op Academy Leeds LGBTQ+ Policy  

The LGBTQ+ Charter  

The LGBTQ+ Charter helps safeguard lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and  queer/questioning people’s human rights, particularly in receipt of services, at school. These  rights draw on international human rights and relevant UK and Scottish legislation and have  been developed in consultation with LGBTQ+ people about what’s most important to them.  

1) LGBTQ+ people have the right to be themselves and to live free from prejudice and  discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender  expression.

2) LGBTQ+ people have the right to be kept safe from harm and to be protected from  hate crime, bullying and other forms of violence.

3) LGBTQ+ people have the right to be heard, treated fairly and for their views and  experiences to be taken into account. 

4) LGBTQ+ people have the right to be healthy, with equal access to healthcare, and for  the impact of prejudice and discrimination on their health properly addressed. 

5) LGBTQ+ people have the right to form relationships, free from abuse and with  equality of recognition. 

6) LGBTQ+ people have the right to privacy and information about sexual orientation  and gender identity not to be disclosed to others, without consent to do so. 

7) LGBTQ+ people have the right to education that recognises diversity and implements  programmes that seek to eliminate prejudice on the grounds of sexual orientation,  gender identity and gender expression. 

8) LGBTQ+ people have the right to be cared for free from prejudice and discrimination  in every setting. 

Our Co-op Values

Self-help: We do not expect to be spoon fed – we will do things for ourselves in the right way  and at the right time.

Self-responsibility: Everyone will act in a responsible way around the academy site and in  the local community. We take responsibility for our own learning; we are independent  learners.

Equality: We are proud to be part of a very multicultural academy, with students from all  over the world. It is important that we treat each other with respect and accept that others  may be different from ourselves. We should all have equal chances to succeed.


Co-op Academy Leeds LGBTQ+ Policy  

Equity: We want to look for the best in each other. Rewarding others fairly to encourage all  types of achievement.

Democracy: We will contribute our ideas to make the academy a success.

Solidarity: We can achieve more by working together, rather than as individuals. These are  the values of co-operatives all over the world; whatever we do, they are the way that we do  it.

Ways of Being Co-op

As a part of a Co-op Academy, we all feel responsible, valued, empowered and trusted to do  the right thing for each other.

The four Ways of Being guide our future.

It sets out in more detail the school’s approach to LGBTQ+ people and issues in line with  the:

● Education and Inspections Act 2006

● The Equality Act 2010:  

● Education and Inspections Act 2006  

Schools have a duty to promote the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people in  their care, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pupils and those experiencing  homophobic, biphobic or transphobic (HBT) ) bullying.


Co-op Academy Leeds LGBTQ+ Policy  

Equality Act 2010 Schools are required to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of sexual  orientation and gender reassignment2. This includes tackling homophobic, bi-phobic or  transphobic (HBT) bullying.  

Schools are also required to advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations. This  means that schools should go beyond tackling homophobic, bi-phobic or transphobic (HBT)  bullying and take proactive steps to promote respect and understanding of LGBTQ+ people  and issues.  

The school seeks to achieve these aims:

● By ensuring that school policies and practices are inclusive and supportive of  LGBTQ+ people and explicitly state that HOMOPHOBIC, BI-PHOBIC OR TRANSPHOBIC  (HBT) language and bullying are unacceptable;  

● By providing training to staff in supporting LGBTQ+ pupils, developing an LGBTQ+- inclusive curriculum and tackling HOMOPHOBIC, BI-PHOBIC OR TRANSPHOBIC (HBT)  (HBT) language and bullying;  

● By providing support structures, information and resources to LGBTQ+ pupils on  LGBTQ+ issues and support services;

● By providing pupils with LGBTQ+ inclusive Relationships and Sex Education (RSE),  opportunities to discuss gender identity and sexuality, and including LGBTQ+ people  and themes in the PSRE and wider curriculum where relevant;  

● By providing multiple ways for pupils to report HOMOPHOBIC, BI-PHOBIC OR  TRANSPHOBIC (HBT) (HBT) language and bullying, monitoring (including through  staff and pupil surveys) and recording HOMOPHOBIC, BI-PHOBIC OR TRANSPHOBIC  (HBT) (HBT) language and bullying, as well as ensuring that pupils are aware that  HOMOPHOBIC, BI-PHOBIC OR TRANSPHOBIC (HBT) (HBT) language and bullying are  wrong;  

● By ensuring that the school library contains books with LGBTQ+ themes and that any  assemblies, projects or displays which celebrate diversity or tackle bullying are  LGBTQ+-inclusive;  

● By maintaining a gender-neutral option on the dress code and ensuring that  unnecessarily gendered aspects of school life are avoided.

● By ensuring that the school provides accessible toilets and changing facilities.  ● By participating in the Stonewall School Champions programme, including its School  Role Models programme and achieving a bronze award.

● By nominating a member of staff (Dalton Johns) as the school’s LGBTQ+ lead to  monitor the implementation of this policy and provide training and additional  support and advice to pupils and staff.  

● We aim to achieve a stonewall Bronze School award in 2022/2023.


We aim to have a new PSHCE scheme of work developed by Harinder Kaur and Dalton  Johns, the new scheme of work for RSE produced by the Leeds Health Schools and


Co-op Academy Leeds LGBTQ+ Policy  

Wellbeing Team and the PSHE Association, which is fully LGBTQ+ inclusive, has been  adopted.

We use the Following Curriculum Resources:  

● Stonewall Education resources resources 

● Proud Trust secondary resources training/training-for-professionals/online-courses/ 

● My Health My School Survey ● Leeds Healthy Schools and Wellbeing Service 

● PSHE Association

Agency Support In The Local Area  

Out 2 18 - Out 2 18 is an LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* and Queer/Questioning)  group for young people aged 13 to 18. It is run through the Leeds City Council Youth Service  to support young people that have issues with homophobia, housing, scene life and sexual  health. It is also somewhere to meet others in a safe and non-threatening environment.  They provide group work on issues affecting young people, trips out and residential  weekends with other LGTBQ/LGBTQ friendly groups from around the country. They also run  social activities such as DJ workshops, dance, photography, self defence, graffiti art, film  nights, bowling, and much more.

Transtastic - Transtastic is a Trans* youth group for people aged 13 to 18 years old who  identify as Trans*. It is run through the Leeds City Council Youth Services and it aims to  support Trans* people with a wide range of activities and mutual peer support.

They provide group work on issues affecting young people, trips out and residential  weekends with other LGTBQ/LGBTQ friendly groups from around the country. They also run  social activities such as DJ workshops, dance, photography, self defence, graffiti art, film  nights, bowling, and much more.

Prouder Communities Barnardo’s - Prouder Communities is delivered across North and  West Yorkshire with the aim to make LGBTQ young people feel safe and included in their  communities.

The project includes: 1:1 support and interventions to LGBTQ young people aged 8-24 years,  assemblies and workshops for young people delivered in all types of schools, training for  organisations and community groups to increase understanding of the LGBTQ community  and promote positive action towards creating safe spaces, volunteering opportunities so  that young people and adults can be community champions in their local area and be allies  for LGBTQ communities.


Co-op Academy Leeds LGBTQ+ Policy  

We have the following Link on the Website for Wellbeing Support 

LGBTQ+ Ambassadors  

The LGBTQ+ is a group of young people whose aim is to create a safe and inclusion  community within the school. For staff, students, Parents and Visitors to feel safe and  included within the school community.  

Our ambassadors to be 'trained' on educating others on terminology. The Ambassadors help  to steer and arrange awareness raising events and material used in the school and the  classroom. 

The Ambassadors help to steer provision and resources for LGBTQ+ young people at Coop  Academy Leeds, they have voice and influence in regards to policy and procedures,  curriculum and how we best meet the needs of everyone.  

The LGBTQ+ Ambassadors meet every Thursday 12:45pm until 1:15pm.  


We have an electronic recording system (CPOMS.) 

CPOMS is an intuitive system which helps to ensure that children, young people and adults  are safe and fully supported and is a confidential system to record safeguarding and  wellbeing concerns  

All staff are aware of the importance of reporting, recording and dealing with homophobic,  bi-phobic or transphobic (HBT) bullying and any issues surrounding it.  

The number of homophobic, bi-phobic or transphobic (HBT) bullying incidents has dropped  and now teachers and pupils alike feel confident challenging inappropriate language and  behaviour. 

Cpoms is also used to record any LGBTQ+ support put in place to safeguard Young People or  meet their needs.  


The school will utilise the following guidance:

● Mermaids Tran Inclusion in Schools - content/uploads/2019/12/AllsortsYouthProject-Trans-Inclusion-Schools-Toolkit Sept-18.pdf 

● Proud Trust Inclusion in Schools Toolkit - Trans* Inclusion Schools Toolkit - The Proud  Trust 

● Government Guidance LGBT Inclusion "Positive step for LGBT inclusion" as RSHE  guidance published - GOV.UK (


Co-op Academy Leeds LGBTQ+ Policy  

● Stonewall, best practice and Guidance - Best practice, toolkits and resources |  Stonewall